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Joining the wordle party

Chally started it, and Lauredhel joined in. Here’s my wordle – a graphical representation of the words I’ve been using on this blog. It covers all the entries I’ve made this year.


You can make them at It has an option to simply paste in your blog URL to generate a wordle, but I found it only grabbed the front page. So I made my wordle by copying my entries for the year into Word, then deleting all the blog-machinery words (e.g. comments, categories), saving it as a text-only file, and then copying it all into wordle, which hiccuped a little, but came up with the goods.

How to make a woman feel homesick

Send her photos of home, of course.

My parents went out to their country block over the weekend, and spring is in full swing. Dad sent me some photos this evening, and oh, I so wanted to be there.

daffslambmedhigher quality image on flickr

There’s a clump of daffodils that appears every spring, on the site of an old house. The family who squatted there were desperately poor, and hard driven, but somehow, the mother found time to plant daffodils, and they bloom there still.

clematismedhigher quality image on flickr

Clematis paniculata, one of the clematis species native to New Zealand. Its starry blooms can be spotted high up in the bush. My family listens for the first shining cuckoo each year, and looks for the sprays of clematis. Pipiwharauroa hasn’t been heard yet this year, but the clematis is shining in the trees.

Why hasn’t this man been charged with assault?

(Potentially triggering)

A man who worked in disabled care, Andrew Lambert, has been reinstated in his job by an employment tribunal, after he had been sacked for “inappropriate behaviour” towards two intellectually disabled women in his care. [link to Sydney Morning Herald story - may be triggering]

To the great good credit of the organisation which employs him, the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Homecare, he hasn’t actually been allowed to go back on the job, but he’s now collecting his full salary.

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Friday Feminist – Ursula Le Guin (2)

My cousin Grace included Ursula Le Guin’s Tehanu in her list of 15 books (my list is here) which prompted me to reread it. I love the way that Le Guin uses the small moments of life to illuminate large problems.

Then he too got up, and brought his dish to the sink, and finished clearing the table. He washed the dishes while Tenar put the food away. And that interested her. She had been comparing him to Flint; but Flint had never washed a dish in his life. Women’s work. But Ged and Ogion had lived here, bachelors, without women; everywhere Ged had lived, it was without women; so he did the ‘women’s work’ and thought nothing about it. It would be a pity, she thought, if he did think about it, if he started fearing that his dignity hung by a dishcloth.

Ursula Le Guin, Tehanu, 1990

Cat post (in lieu of actual blogging)

I am snowed under with work, and our neighbours have just gotten a dog. I regard dogs as stinking, slavering, obsequious beasts which ought not to be received in decent society. So herewith some cat blogs:

Wonderful cat walks, from

Cooper the cat photographer, from

Teacher’s pet from